Harvey Weinstein Accuser Claims He Masturbated In Front Of Her

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Claims He Masturbated In Front Of Her

Followers of the Harvey Weinstein case know that as the trial has continued, more and more harrowing details have been revealed on the former Miramax producer’s inappropriate behavior toward women and other people.

On Wednesday, Tarale Wulff, who was once a model, testified that Harvey once masturbated directly in front of her while at the Cipriani restaurant in Soho in 2005. The Wrap reported on the model’s testimony, who was a cocktail waitress for the lounge portion of Cipriani.

While at the upper-class venue, Wulff told Harvey that she was an actress, to which Harvey responded by telling her he could help her out. Later, he came up to her, grabbed her arm, and started walking upstairs through the venue onto an uninhabited terrace.

According to Wulff, he turned around to face her and blocked the exit. She then told him that she needed to return to work, but Harvey was adamant about them having a word together. Wulff claims she noticed his shirt was moving, and then she suddenly realized that he was masturbating underneath his shirt.

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After, she tossed the towel and “ran past him.” While she can’t confirm if he was really masturbating, she assumed he was due to the motion of his hands.

Reportedly, Wulff’s claims aren’t related to any of the prosecution’s charges, however, they are meant to demonstrate Harvey’s repeated alleged behavior over the years. Wulff, known as Tarale, is based out of New York City but has also worked in short films like Man in Progress.

As it was previously reported, Weinstein has pleaded guilty to five counts of varying kinds of sexual assault, including first and third-degree rape. Earlier this month, Annabella Sciorra detailed her experiences with Harvey Weinstein, accusing him of raping her in the early 1990s after barging into her home.

The Sopranos actress claimed the producer simply pushed into her house, began unbuttoning her shirt, and then raped her despite her protests for him to stop.

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